Barrio Fiesta Jingle

House of Lords Parliament
London Barrio Fiesta sa Hounslow
First time Launching Press Conference / London Press Club
Friday 10th March 2023
The Cholmondeley Room and Terrace

London Barrio Fiesta Team in Doncaster
First Yorkshire Filipino Fashion Show.

London Barrio Fiesta Organizers Hold Press Conference at House of Parliament via SMNI United Kingdom.


Massive Congratulations Appreciation, Integrity and Gratitude London Press Club and SMNI news. Soon to release @ London Press Club. HOUSE OF LORDS inside Parliament Square...the official launching and press con of LONDON BARRIO FIESTA (June 10-11 @ Lampton Park, Hounslow). Attended by community leaders not only in the Filipino community but also by the London Press Club & SMNI new world and British community Lord Stephen and Sir David . Showcasing the talents, culture & heritage beauty and hospitality of the Filipinos.

#LondonBarrioFiesta2023 10-11 June 2023

Thank you JhermiNATION.


* Barrio Fiesta with Filipino-British Pensioners *

at London Fashion Week
Leonardo Royal London St. Paul's
Prestigious Fashion Show
The House of Ikon

* Meeting with Black Eyed Peas *


American musical group consisting of rappers,, and Taboo and singer J. Rey Soul.

E and E &J
PR Vanessa Horca
Nhorms Cunanan.


* Kadayawan Festival *

Davao City

Kadayawan Festival is a celebration of life, culture, and harvest in Davao. Though not religious, it originates from the pagan beliefs of the ethnic tribes in the region.

- Since 1986 -

* Ati-atihan *


Ati-Atihan Festival, dubbed as the Mother of All Philippine Festivals, honors the Child Jesus and celebrates the Aklan Province's native culture. With various events happening in Kalibo, attendees can enjoy masses, marching bands, and street parties, similar to Sinulog and Dinagyang Festivals.

- Since 1700s -

* Masskara Festival *


The MassKara Festival, a grand cultural event in Bacolod, is known as the Festival of Many Faces. Locals wear smiling masks, parading the city's liveliest streets, earning Bacolod the nickname, City of Smiles. Tourists flock to Bacolod in October to witness this awaited event in the Philippines.

- Since 1980s -

* Ibalong Festival *


Ibalong Festival in Bicol is a non-religious celebration that honors the Bicolanos' socio-historic-cultural heritage based on the Ibalong Epic. The festival showcases the bravery of heroes who battled against monsters and fearsome creatures, including giant flying sharks and crocodiles as big as boats.

- Since 1992 -

* Panagbenga Festival *

Baguio City

Panagbenga Festival in Baguio features a month-long celebration with giant flower floats and celebrity performances during the Grand Float Parade. The festival's name, a Kankana-ey term, means "a season for blossoming," making it a famous event in the Philippines.

- Since 1995 -

* SumBingTik Festival *

Cainta Rizal

The SumBingTik Festival is an annual cultural festival held in Cainta, Rizal, on December 1, coinciding with the town's founding anniversary and the feast of Our Lady of Light. It celebrates the town's native delicacies, suman, bibingka, and latik, and is named after a portmanteau of these foods.

- Since 2014 -

* Sinulog Festival *

Cebu City

The Sinulog Festival in Cebu City honors Santo Niño every January's third Sunday through a dance ritual that depicts the Filipino people's conversion to Christianity from their pagan past. The festival's name, Sinulog, means "graceful dance" and originated in 1980 with a simple dance portraying a river's current in Cebu.

- Since 1980 -

* Dinagyang Festival *


Dinagyang is a religious festival in the Philippines celebrated every 4th Sunday of January in Iloilo City, honoring the Santo Niño and the pact between the Datus and locals. It features a competitive street dancing contest and transforms the city into a massive street party with food and drinks.

- Since 1980 -

* Coconut Festival *


Coconut Festival in San Pablo, Laguna is a week-long celebration in honor of Saint Paul the Hermit. It includes street dancing, float parade, concerts, and the annual "Mutya at Lakan ng San Pablo" pageant. The festival started in 1996 and is held every first to second week of January.

- Since 1996 -

* Taong Putik Festival *

Aliaga, Nueva Ecija

The Taong Putik Festival is an annual religious feast held on June 24 in honor of San Juan Bautista. Locals and devotees wear costumes patterned after his attire and cover themselves in mud and dried banana leaves. They visit houses for alms in the form of candles or money to offer for Saint John the Baptist's feast day.

- Since 1944 -

* Higantes Festival *

Agono, Rizal

The Higantes Festival is an annual event in Angono, Rizal, Philippines, featuring hundreds of giant papier-mâché puppets parading to mock the past hacienda owners during Spanish colonial rule. It has also evolved into a celebration of the feast of Pope St. Clement I on November 22 and 23.

- Since 1800 -

* Bangus Festival *


Bangus Festival, created in 2002, promotes the local bangus industry and Dagupan as the bangus capital of the world. It grew from Pista'y Dayat into a two-week socio-economic program featuring activities highlighting the city's top produce.

- Since 2002 -

* Moriones Festival *


Marinduque's colorful festival features morion masks depicting Roman soldiers and Syrian mercenaries in the story of the Passion of Christ. The masks are named after the 16th and 17th century Morion helmet.

- Since 1807 -